Biorhythm began its journey in 2010 when founder and visionary Nital Raval decided to enlarge her scope of her due to high demands for quality exercise and yoga programs.

Initially the company began its scope of work in corporate yoga programs and personalized yoga instruction with only one instructor the founder Nital Raval herself.

Within a span of 2 years Mrs. Nital realized that there is more scope for improving and enhancing the local community’s health condition leading to Biorhythm’s establishment in two of the well known residential localities: – Pimpale Saudagar and Baner in Pune, with 5 instructors qualified in teaching a unique combination of Iyengar, Patanjali Yoga. 

In the next few years Biorhythm’s popularity rose and soon the founder decided to move to a new location at Aundh in Pune centrally located for the nearby residential areas and having large enough space to provide its customers with a wide range of fitness techniques apart from yoga which would help people discover their true potential hidden within.

This studio eventually has become the hub of various fitness techniques introduced by the founder herself, including one of the major activities conducted as of today at the studio, Antigravity Aerial Yoga.

This fitness technique was born in the US by Broadway dancer Christopher Harisson who learnt yoga from India and used these postures in combination and assistance with the silk hammock in order to create what today is called as Antigravity Aerial Yoga.

As of today Biorhythm Yoga Studio Aundh is the all India training institute for Antigravity teachers and qualifications, as well as a yoga training certification institute. Apart from this Biorhythm conducts on a regular basis a variety of classes at various levels such as Power Yoga, Traditional Yoga, Antigravity Aerial Yoga; body part focused sessions such as Belly Butt and Thigh, Get Lean; Spiritual healing sessions such as Meditation, Pranayama, Sound Healing and also an initiative taken by Biorhythm called “The Therapy sessions” which are a one on one focused sessions with the instructors focusing on the medical problems of customers such as Lower Back Problems, cervical Problems, Varicose Veins, Sciatica, Anxiety issues etc.