Beetroot for better performance

09 Oct


The humble beetroot is known to be a powerful athletic performance enhancer, great for cyclists, runners, and regular gym goers. It increases endurance levels if you have half a glass of juice or a half a beetroot 45m -1 hour before any workout. It is a rich source of vitamin c, niacin, manganese, and calcium.
*Beetroot increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.
*It contains nitrates, which convert to nitric oxide that help increase the blood flow and maintain healthy pressure.
*Beetroot creates a by product called glutathione (GSH) which detoxifies the body, is a natural blood cleanser, and great for the liver and gastrointestinal system.
*Beetroot fights diabetes, since it contains alpha lipoic acid which lowers blood sugar levels, protects from oxidative stress, and increases insulin sensitivity.
* It protects the body DNA, is a rich source of folate which helps the body make new cells by copying and synthesizing the existing DNA.
(Avoid if you are suffering from kidney stones as it contains oxalates.)

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