03 Feb 2017

The Biorhythm Difference- How Athletes Can Boost Their Performance

We at Biorhythm provide the unique opportunity to our students, to reap the benefits of both Traditional Yoga as well as Anti-Gravity fitness, all under the same roof. In this blog we help you understand how athletes can boost their performance with the help of our Biorhythm workouts. 

It is an established fact, that by practicing yoga consistently, every athlete stands to enhance his performance, irrespective of his sport or discipline. Add to this, the other unique advantages that an anti-gravity workout provides, you have a complete package to boost your performance levels. Some of the main benefits that athletes can get with our Biorhythm workouts include;

  • Increased Strength and Endurance:

Regular practice of traditional yoga asanas and anti-gravity suspension workouts, help in improving lean muscle mass while simultaneously building strength. This is especially beneficial in sports like cycling, running and swimming, where very often many muscle groups are under-utilized. With regular practice, athletes can enhance the stability of the core body and curb injuries because of muscle overuse. Anti-gravity workouts are also very beneficial to athletes with existing injuries, as the use of the suspended hammocks helps take off the load of body weight, thereby making the workout more relaxed. 


  • Increased Flexibility: 

Joint and muscular flexibility greatly improve with our yoga and anti-gravity workouts. The use of suspended hammocks in anti-gravity help you to move freely and with lesser effort, thereby releasing tension in muscles and bones, while improving core muscle strength and increasing shoulder and spinal flexibility. Traditional yoga can help enhance an athletes range of movement, especially in case of swimmers and runners. The more your flexibility increases, the lower the chances of an overuse injury. 

  • Better Balance: 

An athlete who is flexible need not necessarily have great balance. We at Biorhythm help you bridge this gap. With a regular exercise routine, your balance and co-ordination can improve drastically. When you achieve this combination, you are in better control of your body movements which directly enhances your form and technique. So whether you are a wrestler, runner, golfer or swimmer, we can help you attain better body balance with our yoga and anti-gravity workouts and enhance your overall athletic performance. 

  • Mental Strength:

Apart from the physical benefits, yoga and anti-gravity fitness offer mental advantages, which are just as crucial to every athlete. The meditative poses in yoga and the relaxation that the “cocooning” in anti-gravity provides, are a great way to calm the nervous system and get better mental clarity. An athlete who is calm and collected is definitely more in control of his body and will be able to perform with better efficiency.