Functional Training for Fitness Freaks People


Are you a fitness freak who wants to push your limits and train your own way to achieve your fitness goals? Well, Biorhythm is just the place for you! With our functional training regime, we offer you the opportunity to better your endurance, push through from one level to another and ultimately reach your end goal of a fit and healthy body and mind.

Our functional training is designed to give you the unique blend of working out with equipment like the Thera band, Kettle Bell, Tyres, Ropes as well as Free exercises.


  • Thera Band: These resistance bands are a great way to train your core muscles. At Biorhythm we use these lightweight bands for functional exercises, targeting all major muscle groups, to help improve strength for day-to-day activities.
  • Kettle Bell: This single handle ball-shape weight is designed for a complete body workout to increase stamina while burning fat and strengthening & toning your core.
  • Tyres and Ropes: Being heavy, these add resistance to your workout while strengthening your body from top to toe. A session with these would give you a robust workout.
  • Free Exercises: Apart from these equipment, at Biorhythm we also help you work out with free exercises such as push-ups, squats, lunges, crunches, extensions and so on, to give your body a great functional workout.

Biorhythm's functional training program will help you build your core strength and boost your endurance while improving your balance and range of movement.

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