My doctor advised me strictly not to work out as it’ll add more to the pressure on the knees. This made my movement restricted and uncomfortable.

One fine day a close source advised me about AntiGravity Fitness which is practiced at Biorhythm Yoga Studio, at Aundh Pune.

Since Then I’ve been Doing AntiGravity Yoga for past 6 months and I must say i feel a lot better and less pain in knees

Initially my legs went numb because of all the blood rush into the head but the technique helped in lubricating my joints and refreshing the capillaries with fresh blood.

Now I make sure I don’t miss a single session because it came as a major healer in my life. I personally recommend this entirely new fitness technique to everybody out there for physical ailments as well as achieving body goals with mental health and calmness.

It rejuvenated my life, hope does the same with you all.