I suffered from supraspanitous muscle tear on my right shoulder in.jun 2015. I was operated upon and the injury was healing well. However the motion of my right arm was severely restricted and had almost none of the former strength. My wife sheetal, who is a fitness consultant herself was attending anti gravity yoga at biorhythym with nital raval mam. She motivated me to attend a trial class. Sure enough, I was completely hooked with the exercise form, which is almost like an art form. I.joined in march 2016 and before I completed my 12 turns, almost full rotation of the right shoulder was restored. Now after almost 3 months I have even regained almost 60% strength.

I owe this recovery to nital mam and her set of fantastic instructors. Anti gravity whilst exercising, stretching individual muscles, it strenthens the core throughout the session, thus fortifying the most important muscle.

A must try for all fitness enthusiasts..