If you have been suffering from an achy back, then you know exactly how debilitating this pain can be. Lower back pain is a very common complaint these days, attributed mainly to our lifestyle and daily habits. Sitting, standing or driving for long periods of time can tighten the hamstring muscles which in turn put pressure on the lower back as well as the buttock muscles.

Biorhythm is the place to recover from your spinal ailments (Sciatica,Verico Veins,Cervical, Lower back) with AntiGravity Aerial Yoga & Therapy Yoga.

Regular practice of yoga helps stretch the hamstring, contract the back and regain its necessary tone. This helps relieve lower back pain over a period of time. Additionally, yoga also helps increase the flexibility and strength of the entire body.

One of the major benefits of AntiGravity therapy is that is offers spinal realignment with the opportunity of zero compression inversions. There is no further stress or damage to the neck or spine as the inversions are performed in a suspended form with the help of the hammock. so as to improve length and provide spinal decompression. AntiGravity therapy in such cases is very helpful in healing an already sore neck and spine. By getting the desired traction.